Validating Your Course Topic – Part 5


Validating” your market simply means taking
steps to ensure that the market is there and
that there are people likely to pay for a course
on your chosen topic.

It’s clear to see why validating your market
is so important, right?

You don’t want to spend a lot of time working
on a course that no one is willing to pay for.

Here’s how to validate your topic:

Create a list of 4-5 question-based phrases you feel
a prospective student might use when searching for help
on the problem you’re considering covering in your course.

Then, run a test by entering these questions into places
Why not start with the major search engine? You’ll be
able to quickly spot the number of blog posts that
address these questions as well as uncover social
media accounts, and websites that cover this topic.

Pay attention to all of the following:

Are there any actual courses already available?

Try adding “course,” “lessons,” and “training”to your search
terms in order to come up with relevant results.

Are there relevant ads on the page?

If so, chances are it’s a profitable niche market and
one worth taking a closer look at.

Do videos appear on the first page?

If you’re finding lots of links to YouTube videos
after running your search, it’s a good sign that
the topic is in-demand.
Run your searches through Amazon and pay attention
to the number of books available on the topic.

Take things a step further by reading reviews
left by customers, as well as the overall ranking
of the top 50 books.
Udemy is one of the leading marketplaces online
when it comes to selling courses, but it’s also a
goldmine of information when researching niche markets
and possible digital products.

In fact, Udemy is one of the easiest ways to not only
evaluate the profitability of any course topic you’re
interested in, but you’ll be able to instantly come up
with a complete outline in a matter of minutes.
Question and answer websites like Quora make it easy
to conduct niche research and get a feel for what
your market is most interested in. Browse for trending
questions and open discussions, paying close attention
to the thought leaders who commonly provide answers.

Following those influencers can be a great way to
come up with ideas for courses based on hot topics
they cover on their websites and blogs, as well as
their social media profiles.

I hope this email has helped you come up with a few
ways to validate your topic.

In tomorrow’s email, I’ll talk to you about the
power of live session training.
Drop your comments and questions below.

Don’t miss it!

Seun Ogundele

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