Top 2 Course Marketplaces To Launch Your Course – Part 4


If you’re planning to create a video-based course,
you’ll want to look at SkillShare. This is also a
great place to start because they let you upload
individual lessons rather than having to create a
full-length course.

Lessons must be 10 minutes or longer, however most
videos range from 15-25 minutes long, on average.

Students enroll in the courses that interest them
and you’re paid royalties each time someone watches
your videos.

Best of all, there’s no approval process, so you can
get started right away.

It’s one of the best places for those who are just
starting out because there aren’t a lot of requirements
and it’s really easy to put out a simple course just
by uploading a single lesson.

Here’s the link:

Another course marketplace that I really like is

Teachable provides you with the ability to fully
brand your course, including creating and
customizing a complete online school using their
easy website building tool.

You can then incorporate your design into your
main course page, lectures and even sales pages.
When it comes to revenue share, Teachable works a
bit differently from other programs by offering
membership tiers that cost anywhere from $39-299
per month.

You are charged a 5-10% commission fee per sale
unless you choose to upgrade to a paid membership plan
but when just starting out I recommend testing out
the free plan to get a feel for how things work,
and then upgrading later.You can find out more information here:

That’s it for today. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you
about a strategy involving live audiences
that can make you a lot of money.
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Until then,

Seun Ogundele

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  1. Hi! Bro. I read your post on how to make money. It’s very nice but how do I create my own site for it or it doesn’t need? Nice job though

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