Live Sessions = Profits – Part 6


Have you ever seen a live session in action?

One of the most powerful ways to deliver your
course related content is with live session training.

This lets you schedule meetings with all of your students
which obviously will increase engagement and get people
excited about your information.

Live sessions have huge impact on the overall value of
your course and can really help you stand out in
competitive markets.

The more you engage your audience – the more popular
your course will be.

Make sense?

People love getting hands on training, especially
when it’s in real time because they know the
information begin given is current and up-to-date.

Here’s a great marketplaces where you can
create a course designed around live sessions:

WizIQ has been around for more than 10 years
and continues to thrive as a centralized community
for live classes and popular courses.

WizIQ supports all file formats, so you can create
a course that offers a variety of content ranging
from video to audio, as well as include quizzes,
surveys and tests that serve as auxiliary components. 

Tomorrow’s email is the last one in this special
series so I’ll leave you with some final tips and

Don’t miss it!

Seun Ogundele

6 thoughts on “Live Sessions = Profits – Part 6

  1. Personally, you don’t needs to grow beard. Just maintain the good things thy Lord God asked to do.
    Like these lectures you are giving to lots of our jobless graduates. I prayed to God to continuing enriched your knowledge.

  2. Thanks for the information given but i was thinking you give us the steps on how to go about this. for example, which of the best site to register if using EBOOK as course and the one to register when using video as course.
    how to create account on them, how to upload your course, which payment system is best for withdrawal etc it will go a long way for us. i appreciate the info given as said before but try and break it down for us to be cleared.

  3. Like me am good in writing ebooks rather than videoing myself which if i try on the video course my voice might not be cleared or the system am using might not give a clear picture. I really need this program but i need a guide. I like it when you said one can do it with NO STARTUP CAPITAL cause am not buoyant. Since you’ve decided to help by creating job for the graduates and undergraduates God will Bless you richly. Please break it down in steps so we learn. thanks

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