Hi there,

One of the things that can drive in sales and
help you stand out in the market is being able
to get those review numbers up.

You’ve likely experienced the different a ton
of reviews can make yourself when you’re considering
what products or services to buy.

Reviews are social proof. They tell potential
customers that your product has lived up to its hype
or expectations, and that buyers are satisfied with
their purchase.

It removes buyers concerns by reassuring them that
their decision to purchase will be one they won’t

So, how can you bump up the number of reviews you
have so your course stands out?

Ask for them!

The key is to prompt your students to leave reviews
throughout the learning process rather than just
at the end.

That way they’re reminded several times without
being bombarded. If you only ask them to leave a
review once, at the end of the training, you may
never have the opportunity to ask them again.

The tricky part is finding the right spot within
your course in which students are likely to still
be excited about the material and have also completed
enough steps to where they feel they’ve gotten somewhere.

You want your reviews to demonstrate the quality of
your course and how useful your information is.

So, place your review requests at key points during
the training after your student’s have completed a goal.

If you really want to ramp up reviews, consider offering
something extra to those who leave them.

Here are a two easy ways to do that:

1: Offer free review copies.
This is a common strategy used by course instructors
who don’t yet have a large following. Post on Facebook
or to your email list and offer a handful of free
review copies to those who will leave genuine feedback.

2: Offer Additional Content
You can increase the value of your course to those
who take the time to leave reviews by offering additional
content or modules in exchange for their time. It rewards
your students and encourages them to leave a glowing review.

Can you think of other ways to encourage your students to
leave reviews? Hit reply and let me know!

Tomorrow I’ll show you one powerful resource that will
help you create stunning courses that your market will love.

Don’t miss it!

Till then,

Seun Ogundele