The Ultimate DFY Guide That Delivers You HOT Selling Physical Products EVERYDAY!

Guess what makes this system better and different from any other product sourcing system?

Aside the every day hot product sourcing, You Will Be Getting a High Converting Sales Page, Ads Copy, Images & Videos,

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Think About The Millions You Would Be Making If You Are "Monopolizing" Products Like These Into This Country

Now thinking about this too…

 The products above used to be SUPER HOT. There were trending products in Nigeria few months back, that the very first set of smart importers made massive sales from them.

There is no trick or magic to the millions made on these products years back. It is only because these importers had access to the resources that delivers hot selling physical products EVERY SINGLE DAY...

… but you also can be smarter. This is because you can be the first set of smart people that will get instant access to the next hot products to be imported to Nigeria...

YES ! That's right! Read it again... 

you can be the first set of smart people that will get instant access to the next hot products to be imported to Nigeria!

...and these resources come in as simple as EVER… It’s a DFY - Lazy Man job. Meaning you have less or nothing much to work on, as I have helped you go through the stress...

I will take you by the hand and show you everything and how to easily get started…

 After years of running eCommerce business, I can boldly say I make more sales (in millions) on HOT PRODUCTS rather than any other popular or ‘better, products...

In fact, the secret to most successful Internet marketers (which they will never reveal to you) is selling HOT PRODUCT. This is why companies spend millions of dollars on employing experts or organizations that are basically into researching and sourcing hot, new product.

If you are not convinced about the wonders of HOT Products and the millions it make, then see the video of a successful and smart student of mine ….

Still not sure about HOT Products making you millions? See more testimonials ...

All Cats Out Of The Basket: Today, I will show you EVERYTHING!!! 

No Secrets. I will show you the exact methods successful Internet Markets use in making millions

… I will take you by the hand and reveal to you the exact secret resources I use in making millions. I have helped many smart internet marketers and eCommerce experts. And today is the day I help you too.

… Because I have been using this same method I am about to reveal for years and I have seen a lot of testimonials from people who I gave access to same resources, so it is tested and trusted. No Failure Recorded. 

Let Me Guess The Disturbing Question on Your Mind – Can One Actually Make Millions In a Month?  

My AnswerYES! YES!! YES!!!

 Let me help clear your doubts with more results …. 

See More Results For Yourself

Now you still need to ask one more time – Can one actually make millions in a month? 

My Answer I can guarantee you that 100%

This is because the millions are in the products. But not the same products everyone is already used to because that is a total waste of your precious money, time and energy – I am talking about the Hot Products.

The millions are in HOT Products!

… Let me add to it that selling known products that the public is already used to can lead to frustration and folding-up. This is because it can lead to a high rate of customers who want their refund and failed delivery because they have seen the same product for cheaper price on Jumia or Konga or even a Facebook Ad. 

… that is why I have helped you done all the hard work to start collecting a lots of HOT products and Monopolize them.

"Be the first to sell them in Nigeria"

… with that, you can even dictate your price and charge more than 200% of your cost..’ because your customers will pay you without having a competition to compare your products with.. and that is simply because the product is unique and you are your own competition

WIth this ultimate Ecom Monopoly Method...

  • You don’t need to waste time in researching HOT Products… It can be easily done in less than 30 minutes.
  • You don’t need to learn or be an expert in a particular niche… this methods works across multiple niches plus more…
  • You don’t need to subscribe to monthly payment… it is a one-time payment that don’t require you paying monthly to an installed software.
  • You don’t need to see all the trainings before you get started… the first steps are easy to understand and get you started with

Please Note…

  • You don’t need a laptop before you get started… you can simply use your phone to research HOT products and get started with
  • It is the easiest methods to access HOT products … I have helped you overcome the barriers in product researches.
  • You don’t need much money to start with… It is something you can easily start with $$ naira and then scaled up anytime till you are satisfied of scaling up

But let's pause think about this for a moment – How Can One Actually Be The First To Get a Product Into Nigeria?

Many so-called ‘gurus’ or ‘expert’ will ask you to pay them to show you their “ultimate secret” to this question. I have actually been in the position of believing these gurus before. But at the end of the day, they will tell you to “research on JUMIA or ALIEXPRESS or 1688” to check for product updates…

Now, I am here to tell you that This is wrong...

Yes, you got that right from me. It is wrong because everyone is already doing it…

it’s painful most people are paying those who don’t have any concrete idea of how they can even get themselves these amazing HOT products..

But be rest assured that what I am brining to you is the Ultimate method of brining products to Nigeria that no one knows about… it's the best way to MONOPOLIZE the real Ecom products and make millions in months... 

But anyways…

You will get the proven, tested and trusted method to collect hot products without wasting your precious time on doing unnecessary researches on Jiji or checking Ecom store or Facebook Ads. This is because you don’t know you are making the same mistake of collecting hot products that are already in the market and has it own competitors…

Remember, what I am brining to you is the Ultimate method of brining products to Nigeria that no one knows about and being a Monopoly of the product (dictate your price).

The Annoying ‘HOT Product Mindset’ You Need To Remove From Your Thinking System… 

Every Nigerian Food seller have a general belief system that “everyone is hungry and everyone will eat’’. This same belief system has affected us all to the point where we believe in selling popular products people are already used to.

But what we don’t know is that people are forced to go into Price War if the competition is high… 

But if you are selling HOT Product in Nigeria – you can determine to charge the price that suits you due to No competition (Afterall they can’t get it elsewhere).

  • You need to stop this “HOT Product Wrong Mindset” and remove it from your system if you really want to play a bigger game in Ecom and rake in millions in months.
  • You need to start thinking Monopoly.
  • You need to let your competitors follow you after you have made “mad sales” and rakes in your millions 

Are You Ready To Monopolize Your HOT Product and Make Money Like Never Before?

If your answer is NO, then I am sorry for taking chunk of your time with this one time offer of these information that can change your business and life for good… Apologies…

But if YES, then I am excited to help you and give you that ‘secret’ you have been waiting for..

To make it easy to understand and accessible, I will be proving this amazing method in…

  • Video Training Program
  • PDF (easy to read) Guides
  • DFY Templates
  • Premium software
  • Exclusive Bonuses (you can resist)  


Ecom Monopoly

The Ultimate Ecommerce Software That Teaches You How To Monopolize Products By Being The First To Have Access To The Product. The Software That Feeds You With Constant HOT Products You Can Turn Into Millions Before Hitting The Country!


But WAIT!  

What make Ecom Monopoly special?

even though that’s the worth, You Are Not Going To Pay 200k  

 In fact I have made so so cheap that you won’t even pay %50 of its worth…

But because you need only one HOT PRODUCT to up your Ecom game and hit your million goal. So if I show you a strategy that can make you 1.5 million naira and all you have to pay is N100,000 – will you pay me the N100,000 to get it?

I am sure your answer is YES

But, right now… We are offering an ‘Early Bird’ offer..

With a small investment of…


YES! You Read That Right!

You will get everything listed above for $$,000 only

But that is if you ACT fast and right now….

P.S: In case you come back to this page in the next few hours, you might not meet it at the above price anymore.

This is because this is a TOO CHEAP PRICE we want to first give out as EARLY BIRDS. But only last for few hours!


With so many hard-works put into background researches, and countless testimonials, this program is the best methods for collecting HOT Products consistently!

This is to assure you that in 30 days time, You Will Be Fully Satisfied and Have Made 5x The Money and Time You Invest In The Course Of Taking Steps In This Program!

If NOT, you can send an email to , to ask for a refund…

But after showing us a proof that you took necessary steps and did the work exactly as you being directed to follow. This 30 day Money Back Guarantee is to fully assure you the within that lies within, but you can always get a refund if you are unhappy for not recovering the money you ‘invested’ today! 

Q & A From My Customers

Question 1: Is Ecom Monopoly a video training or something we can read?

To make it easy to understand and accessible, I will be proving this amazing method in…

  • Video Training Program
  • PDF (easy to read) Guides
  • DFY Templates
  • Premium Software
  • Exclusive Bonuses (you can’t resist)  

Question 2: I am not Techy. How will I be able to handle it myself? 

It is in a simple format that you don’t need to be techy or have a good knowledge of using a laptop. Be rest assured that you can do it easily and run a successful Ecom business, and even being able to teach other people

Question 3: But the products are foreign products. Will it work in Nigeria?  

Not every foreign products work in Nigeria. This is another reason you need “product name”. Because I will basically show you how to source for HOT product that makes millions selling to the Africans. BANK DETAILS


You are one step away from raking millions into your bank account, from selling HOT Products! 

 All you need to do is to pay $$,000 into BANK DETAILS / PATSTACK DETAILS


Total Value Worth – N200,500+


N$$,000 Only

CAUTION: I’ll Be Increasing The Price To N$$,000 – Without Any Announcement Anytime 

Seun Ogundele

Netpreneur, Top Product Creator, Affiliate Marketer & Investor

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