Course Profit Strategies – Part 7

Hey there!

Over the last few days we’ve talked about
how to make money with your very own online
course. In today’s final email, I’ll leave
you with a few last minute tips and strategies
to help you launch your course and maximize
your income.

Tip #1: Consider Your Content Formats Carefully

The four main content formats you typically see in online
courses include: video, audio, text and digital downloads
(like PDF’s, workbooks, spreadsheets, etc.)

Usually, the preferred format is video, and there’s good
reason for it: It’s multi-sensory. Your students can both
see and hear the instruction which means it’s far more
engaging and entertaining.

For that reason, you should always include at least
a few video based modules in your course.

Tip #2: Give your course a sexy title
Successful courses always have a targeted, clear
title that appeals to the majority of their market.

If you’re creating a course on how to build
a profitable blog, a title like “6-Figure Blogging”
would likely attract the right audience.

It tells your prospect what the course is about
and gets them excited about the possibility of
earning 6-figures a year.

Tip #3: Price your course strategically
Don’t stick a price tag on your course without
doing research. You want to make sure that you’re
focusing on goal-oriented pricing.

What that means is that you’re assigning a value
to your course based on the results your students
can expect, rather than the time it took you to
create the course.

You want to set a reasonable price without under
valuing your content.

You also need to keep your personal goals in mind,
such as:

  • The number of people you are trying to reach.
    Obviously a lower price point will drive in a higher
    number of learners.
  • Your income objectives. A higher price point
    will generate more money even with a lower enrolment.

And finally,

Tip #4: Use your course as a springboard to greater

A course is a natural stepping stone to upsell from
so keep this in mind when creating and pricing your

It’s a great way to introduce your brand to a new
audience, and to build credibility in your market.

A course lets your leads get to know you!

I’ll leave you with a course checklist that will help
you create a profitable course that will stand out to
your audience.

Step 1: Validate your topic idea
Make sure you’ve researched your market in order to
verify overall demand and give your course the best
chance at success.

Step 2: Create your Course Outline
Building a course from scratch can take time but if
you work with an outline you’ll have a strong
foundation for your training product. It will also
help ensure you stay focused while covering the
most important steps needed for your students to be

Step 3: Create your Course Content
Try to provide a variety of formats, and always include
at least one video module in your training program.

Step 4: Give your course a sexy title
Come up with a powerful, attention-grabbing title that
will stand out in the market while giving students a clear
idea as to what your course is about.

Step 5: Launch your course!
Chances are you’ll sell access without doing any off-site
marketing of your own, but if you really want to maximize
your income you should do your best to connect with
your audience and make them aware of your training program.

Spread your marketing message via social media, create a
Facebook group only for students, create a lead page that
offers a free incentive for those who subscribe to your
list and always be on the lookout for new ways to
increase visibility.

You’ve got this!

To your success,

Seun Ogundele

P.S. Watch your inbox closely, because I’ll be sending
you additional tips and resources in the coming days.

8 thoughts on “Course Profit Strategies – Part 7

  1. Thanks so much for sharing from your wealth of knowledge. .
    I’m blessed to be exposed to online course.
    God bless you Sir

  2. how do i get started with online business.i really need to change my peanut salary job.
    i will appreciate your swift response.
    thank you

  3. Thanks a lot.I really want to start up something next week.But which one do i go for.

    Keep on your good work.I have being with you for sometime now and Seyi.I know you are the boss God bless you.

    1. As a newbie, you can start wit the Nigeria market here: and once you master it well you can move to the foreign market. cheers

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